Certifications : 6th Industry (Agriculture Manufacture Industry), ISO22000 (Food Safety Management), Passed US FDA Safety standard (mom’s Japchae), 2020 Seoul Award(Pu Chung), R&D team officially recognized by Korean government.

Wellbeing Farms all the products can be provided as BulkPacks.
If you want to use our product for the restaurant purpose or requires for large portions pleas email us (wfarm@wfarm.kr) or Call us and we will give you the procedures for the process.

WellBeing Farm does to OEM as well. Jirisan Macheon Nong Hyup, Hanabiotech (Pine mushroom production) Gurae Samchon (Processed Ssukbujangeie) Misilan(BalAh HyunMi) with those companies we have produced the OEM products as well.

We can provide gift packs. Wellbeing farm has produced New Year, Chusuk and Parents day gift paks. We can make various gifts packs in different price range with our products. So please contact us if you have any inquires.