Hello my name is Song Im CEO of Wellbeing farm.

Wellbeing farm is a food manufacturing company located in north part of Jiri mountain. We deliver fresh agricultural product in the way to consume convenient and easy way.

Wellbeing farm has given birth on 2013 and has several principles that we always keep in mind.

First, we provide easy slow food in low price. It is easy to make as instant noodles but there are fermentations and other special techniques that are implemented.

Second, we do not release any products that we do not consume ourselves. Ms. Ann, our head of food lab puts our products on our dinner table. We constantly check whether quality of the ingredients are kept safe through all time until release. You can trust Wellbeing farms product!

Last but not least, we desire to provide healthy working place. It would be really shame if it is not fun to work in the place where you don’t want to be. We believe that happy working place will make every family and society healthy.

Our Wellbeing Farm family members are working today as well with those principles in mind

Thank you


Kind regards

Song Im, CEO of Wellbeing Farm