Mom’s Japchae

‘Japchae’ is one of famous Korean traditional dishes. It requires time and many procedures to make. Therefore, it was a dish that was put on table when its holiday or special guest visiting.

‘Mom’s Japchae’ is a convenient food which provides Japcahe in 15 minutes. It contains 6 kinds of vegetable including the spinach, sweet potato noodles, sauce and the sesame oil. First, put the vegetable and sweet potato noodles in the hot water for about 10 minutes. Put it on the hot fried pan with sauce and the sesame oil and stir fry for about 2~3 minutes. The easy and taste Japchae is done.

Recently, we are receiving a number of export requests from France, US and Australia due to the globalization of the K-Food. Especially, we have entered at Le Bon Marché Department Store (LVMH owned) in Paris and getting a very positive feedback from the France consumers.