Pu Chung Series

‘Pu Chung, Chung Yang Sprinkle’ series are the powdered chilli with the touch of roasting technique. The Korean Chung Yang chilies are famous for the embodied flavor and WellBeing farm has a unique technique of “roasting” which maximizes this flavor.

‘Pu Chung’ Original is a 100% Korean Chung Yang chilli and both ‘Pu Chung 50’ and ‘Pu Chung 90’ is mixture of Vietnam chilies and chungyang chilies where emphasizes the spiciness of Vietnam bird eye chilies.

The spiciness goes from ‘Pu Chung 90 (highest)’ > ‘Pu Chung 50’ > ‘Original Pu Chung’. According to our trial group, ‘Pu Chung 90’ is about Samyang’s spicy chicken noodle spiciness and ‘Original Pu Chung’ is about Nongsim’s Shin noodle spiciness and ‘Pu Chung 50’ is in between.

It can be used in cooking process with other spices or just simply sprinkle on the final product.